‘Bind and Loose’

‘Bind and Loose’

I am here to hold you
I will bind you,
to me
Your spirit hangs by my mortal soul,
I hold you

I bind you to me
I bind you to me

The emergence of the darkness
I hold the light, I hold the light
It flickers, it moves with the soul of you
You are just out of reach
My fingers reach

I feel you
I feel you

Just there, side-eyed, I see you
Just an ethereal wisp of filament
A shadow of my heart burning

I feel you
I feel you

Lit on fire – the magick of my being,
breathe in the smoke
Cherish the delicate light

I bind you to me
I bind you to me
I see you, I see you

The gossamer light surrounds me
Pulls the strings of you
Your being thin — ethereal
No longer tangible to me

I bind you, I see you
My Spirit I Loose
I Loose

Pen Names | AKA (also known as) also under copyright
~musingsilence ~∞ © LadyO©
In the year 2019 of mournfulness and empathy

Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows


Night, night casting shadows

Awake, spinning outside


Stars sprinkle dust

Moon at half mast

With Shadowland

          the other half

Digging deep in the mind

Burrowing in the pain

Outstretched hands

Digging into her belly


Feeling the light of the stars

Beating on  her chest

Begging the light to revive her torn heart

And torn parts


Written on 07-21-2018


Pen Names | AKA (also known as) also under copyright
~musingsilence ~∞ © LadyO©
In the year 2018 of conflict and purposefulness ©


Bright Ideas for the Holiday Season and what in the Heck is Work Balance?

Bright Ideas for the Holiday Season and what in the Heck is Work Balance?

Each year I always find it interesting that I need to prepare for the Holiday Season because once Halloween has ended and I find I am a bit behind!  Handmade sellers are off to the races and there is a rush to get through Thanksgiving be fully prepared for the Winter Holiday Season.  For small business owners, making gift items and having them listed in online shops is paramount!

It is the same for me, plus, I am trying to plan what to blog about! Each Fall to Hanukkah or to Christmas I always want to showcase other small handmade business owners. It is always important to me to give a to shout-out to my fellow handmade sellers! First and foremost, I am one of the handmade sellers,  and we aim to support our customers by giving them an important option of purchasing something that is not mass made, that has that special touch to share with your family or friends as gifts.

Some of you (who live in the United States) will be shaking your head and saying but what about Thanksgiving? I can just laugh as when you go into local stores and all the Christmas items are on the shelves! The stores put their items up right after Halloween! We must follow the big box stores and their dates to stay relevant!

Handmade sellers must learn to balance the work of preparing their shops, business pages, websites and In-person Holiday shows, with our family, friends and all that happenings in the Fall.  We do have Thanksgiving and find ourselves with very little time.  Oh, none of us are complaining as this is the busiest this time of year to serve our customers and their shopping needs!

Don’t forget that it is so easy to shop with us, online, no stores to walk through, no lines to wait in and it can be sent to you already wrapped (many offer this service).  We are trying to compete with big department stores!


I wanted to know how my 3 Etsy sellers have a “Work Balance” and “what Goals my 3 Etsy sellers” have to prepare for the Season.  Again, I have interviewed 3 Etsy Sellers for this Blog.  I like the number 3… it is an odd number but I love it!

Since everyone gets so busy, I wondered how these folks set goals to stay on top of their crafting and how to fit everyday life into a busy schedule.  Most run their shops alone (no assistants), some continue to work full time at another job, and when they get really busy, a business owner can become overwhelmed during the holidays and need to have balance as they want to please their customers.  Most find that setting and keeping goals is most important and to keep Lists (oh my!!).  Lists can also be hard because, a creative, really wants to create and the keeping up with the business side of things can be really hard!  Creating is so much fun and the other work (like lists, ordering enough products, taxes, and many excel sheets) feels dry and kind of boring!  Couple all these things with preparing for the holidays with your family, children, and friends adds just a little stress.  I am sure everyone reading the blog has the same kind of stress this time of year!

My first Seller is Maggie Akerson of  3rdStreetLegacy  on Etsy.  Maggie not only sells her jewelry online she also brings her jewelry to Markets and Shows.  She described her goals are to make sure she completes her jewelry for a big show that is on November 26th.  She is making many items in a Rockabilly style and which is sought after at this particular show she is working on the 26th of November.  Maggie also handcrafts polymer clay roses to add to her jewelry pieces as focals.  Maggie also has goals to add more metal work and hand-forged pieces to her jewelry designs. Maggie has, unfortunately, had a hand injury which makes it very difficult to make jewelry. She is feeling much better so she is able to give it a go! One of Maggies pieces with a blue handmade rose is here: 

Next, is Ingrid Anderson of  LilisGems on Etsy.  She has a number of goals for the Holiday Season! Ingrid is an avid gardener (a lady after my own heart!) and loves using vintage components in her jewelry.  Ingrid wants to garden and make jewelry!  She strives to keep her all her goals in alignment. You will find that Ingrid’s jewelry is stunning!  Ingrid (as well as the other makers showcased) are using Trending Colors that are in the Jewel Tones for this season!  Be sure to check them out!

Ingrid’s Blue Enamel Earrings

Ingrid has goals this holiday season as well.  Ingrid like me is a blogger, and she aims to start blogging regularly again. She is going to try to add new products daily and utilize all her social media channels!  Find her Blog here. Do check her out as well as Mary Katherine as they both are using a product from the 1928 line that has been brought back to life by Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B’Sues Boutiques.


Mary Katherine of TheItalianCarnival  is working closely with B’Sues Boutiques 1928 product line to create her new Spring Collection of jewelry that will strike a”… sentimental chord …” in your heart. Mary Katherine is using special items for her jewelry collection from Brenda Sue at B’sues Boutiques.  Her goals are to give you romance and something so lovely to wear around your neck or ears!  Mary Katherine is a skilled maker who also an expert in Vintage Jewelry!  She is able to let you know about vintage jewelry, ask her if you should take apart a broken vintage piece or keep it whole as once a piece is taken apart, it is as though we are not saving a piece of Jewelry History!  Mary Katherine’s goals are to stay up to date on all things Vintage Jewelry and to get her Etsy Shop loaded for the Holiday Season!

Some of Mary Katherine’s Work which is coming soon to her Etsy shop.  Check out her shop regularly to see when she lists her new line of jewelry.

Not only does Mary Katherine have an Etsy Shop, she also has a Ruby Lane shop, she loves Vintage Jewelry.  She also strives for the best customer experience possible!  Do check out her Etsy Shop as well as her Ruby Lane Shop!



Someone else I want to give a shout out to is Sarah Sewell, of Flourish at Artisan Indie.  If you want to learn how to run a small business in a community of artisans, check Sarah out!  I have been a member for a while and do love the positive community and the positive learning process.  I learned how to set goals as an artist from Sarah and her community of artists! I do find it hard to set and keep goals especially during the holidays~ And an FYI, I am not an affiliate blogger for Sarah Sewell and ArtisanIndie!  I talk about her because I love her group.  I am an affiliate blogger on Etsy though.

Artisan Indie:



I sell on Etsy, Weebly, Facebook and in person sales!  So one must set goals to keep up with life and owning a business.

Well, Thank you for reading and until next Wednesday!

Love & light to you


Oh ~ P.S.

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What Does Autumn Mean to You?

What Does Autumn Mean to You?

Hello Fall and Happy Halloween



What are you doing now to celebrate Autumn? It is such a fabulous time of the year with the changing of colors of all the plants around us, the crispness of the air, and time to pull out those colorful sweaters!  What excites you about this time of the year?  

I have asked 3  Etsy business owners to tell me what excites them while making products and enjoying the season!  I will be giving their responses and I will be showing off some of their excellent products.  It is the time of year for the Winter Holiday season so this can get you ready to shop early.

I love this time of the year. It is more like a celebratory beginning of the year for me. I like to plan for all the holidays coming and settling in for winter. I thought what a good time of the year to acknowledge some of my fellow artisans on Etsy. I belong to a wonderful tribe of women in this Joyful community of Flourish which provides the education to make your own Handmade business soar. You can learn more about it here at the theJoyfulEntrepreneur.  I have met some amazing people and gained many more skills that help me in my journey as a Joyful Entrepreneur!

I am going to write a few blogs weekly for you to read so, you can get ready for early Christmas shopping!  We are ramping up Fall/Autumn and preparing for the Winter Holiday Season. I have chosen these Sellers to shine a light on their work for this blog. Remember that shopping small business and handmade is a special way to give a gift.



                           Etsy  Gifts under $30

We are showcasing Etsy Gifts under $30.00 by wonderful handmade/handcrafted Sellers.  Buckle up, read, and go shopping for your Holiday Gifts!

My first Etsy Seller is Jenna Long:

Jenna Long of JCtakeover says in her “About page” on Etsy , how she loves crafting and she is a bit obsessed with creating.  Well now, that is an entrepreneur!  She is always looking to improve her craft and wants so much to make something for you. Her shop is her passion.

Jenna says about Autumn “Fall to me is a breath of fresh air as mother nature shows us how beautiful change” is.  The listing I am featuring is a designed shirt that showcases how exciting and a big change to become a big sister. Click the shirt picture and go visit her wonderful shop.

Jenna’s shop:


My second showcase is for Sara Tryzelaar – the owner of Rooted earth

Sara state “Living in Maine, my favorite thing about Fall is the changing colors of the leaves, especially on the maple trees. ” The lip tint chosen for the blog reminds her of the maples changing color each Fall.  Sara is a creator of organic bath, organic body care, plus herbal apothecary. Everything Sara does with her product is made with love and positive intentions. Sara is very careful with how she gathers for her products, keeping the environment in mind. Sara states, “I live in a tiny little town in the amazingly gorgeous Lakes Region of Maine  I do everything myself, so everything has a personal touch and has to pass [her] strict standards of quality.”  

Do visit her shop and check out her quality products which would great for Seasonal Gifts and they certainly fit with my post of gift ideas under $30.00.

Click Sara’s picture to go have a look!



Lastly, my third showcase is that of Kayla Summers of honeyfiddle

Kayla, is the owner and designer of honeyfiddle, which she calls quality handcrafted crochet and knitted clothing, accessories, and household goods for the entire family. Kayla asks what kind of name “honeyfiddle, anyway?” When Kayla was thinking about the name of her business she found the perfect name. Kayla wanted something that “…would evoke images of the beautiful state she hails from – Indiana.” The “Indiana state tree is the tulip tree,” which she also refers to the fiddle tree because the “leaf is shaped like a fiddle!” So when she thought about these trees in her own “…backyard, I always saw them in my mind’s eye with the golden, honey-like light of sunset.” “So, honeyfiddle was born.” Kayla states what Fall means to her is vibrant colors, warm clothing, crisp winds, and trying to stay cozy.


Click Kayla’s Product for Fall Click the pic to go to her shop:


One of my favorite poems about Fall is below.  What is your favorite poem about Fall/Autumn?


Thou comest, Autumn, heralded by the rain,
With banners, by great gales incessant fanned,
Brighter than brightest silks of Samarcand,
And stately oxen harnessed to thy wain!
Thou standest, like imperial Charlemagne,
Upon thy bridge of gold; thy royal hand
Outstretched with benedictions o’er the land,
Blessing the farms through all thy vast domain!
Thy shield is the red harvest moon, suspended
So long beneath the heaven’s o’er-hanging eaves;
Thy steps are by the farmer’s prayers attended;
Like flames upon an altar shine the sheaves;
And, following thee, in thy ovation splendid,
Thine almoner, the wind, scatters the golden leaves!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

You may be Celebrating Autumn, knee-deep in pumpkin spice, and getting ready for Halloween, which is Today!  Happy Halloween!  It is a magical time of year for me!  I love Fall!  Please do look at the artist makers I have brought to my blog this Fall and check out their handmade wares!


Lots of love & light for you


P.S.  Check out my shops @ nikeebottalico  for Bridal items, objectsandoddities for supplies, and my Website at nikeebottalico where you can sign up for my not so often email to get specials, VIP discounts, and sneak peeks of new products or vintage supplies.

I love having you here, please leave a comment, and if you care to share the blog.  I would be so happy if you could share the blog to give attention to these wonderful shops with others.


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Across the Mind

Across the Mind

People walk by
Strangers with strange things happening.
I see
colors out the windows, apparitions float by.
I see
children, who are they?
I hear
Steady low music plays a tune
that is scrabbled about in my brain cells.
Get the slide, look at it from the microscope.
I see
fibrous tissues cells, red and pinks
I hear
Shadow talk, what happens to the brain cells when they die.
O my
Do you run away, do you stay?
Where is my top hat?
I have lost it or is there a top hat?
I am afraid
Forgetting, knowing you are forgetting.
Do you go before you are gone?
The shadows press against my forehead.
I am afraid.
I am afraid
Of the Fade


Material is copyrighted to & by
nebottalico ©
Pen Names | AKA (also known as) also under copyright
~musingsilence ~∞ © LadyO©
In the year 2017 of conflict and wandering aimlessly ©



Gut wrenching
Clocks ticking
Strange feelings
Hair falling out
Feel the coming
Fading feelings
Lapping waves
Radiation floating
Organisms dying
Life expiring
Under deluges
Of spills

Material is copyrighted to & by
nebottalico ©
Pen Names | AKA (also known as) also under copyright
~musingsilence ~∞ © LadyO©
In the year 2017 of conflict and wandering aimlessly ©

Killing Fields

Killing Fields

Will this kill us
Wanting, to know.
It all seems senseless
I want to know
How this happened?
Burnt earth is happening

Killing fields are
The ways of man
who have no clutching
of their gut
Women who hold
their stomachs deep feelings in
Their wombs from
where life springs.

We [women] know how awful
And are not
distracted by greed
Bullets fly in the air
Who holds
The guns?


Material is copyrighted to & by
nebottalico  ©
Pen Names | AKA (also known as) also under copyright
~musingsilence ~∞ © LadyO©
In the year 2017 of conflict and wandering aimlessly ©

For Day 9 – January 9th 2017

For Day 9 – January 9th 2017

alphonzo[another day late poem]

Weathering the storm
The killing of a democracy

While easy enough for
Elected officials who
Do not listen to their

[Resistance is a popular
It is all the hope
People are strong
Enough to do



Material is copyrighted to & by
nebottalico ©
Pen Names | AKA (also known as) also under copyright
~musingsilence ~∞ © LadyO©
In the year 2017 of conflict and wandering aimlessly ©