The Gryphon

The Gryphon

A griffin (also spelled gryphon and griffon) is a mythical creature. Bulfinch’s Mythology describes the griffin as having “the body of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, and back covered with feathers.” The gryphon is a combination of eagle and lion makes the griffin a powerful symbol of vigilance and strength. The bronze griffin in this photo is a crest on a Roman helmet from the first or early second century AD.

I am new to Netflix! I have missed so many series I wanted to see and now I can see them. I watched the entire series of Tudors and love the series! I also loved the jewelry and would like to create jewelry that looks old but honoring the new! I love historic items and new items that look old. These findings are 100% American Made and have wonderful plating that is dipped 3-4 times! Great product for me to work with!

Happy Friday!!




July 3, 2013 at 12:11pm

The silences

of life linger


on lips

Pursed ready

for love

That does

not come

Haunting persistent eyes

Play in shadows


Merriment gone


in darkness


into loneliness

Moving blocks

to and fro



knocking down

bruising while




n.e. bottalico

musing silence ۩

summer of yesteryear 2013