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Nike designs each piece of jewelry by hand from antique beads, crystals, medals, adding a modern twist.  Nike’s art is eclectic, modern or collage boxes filled with fantasy or a mischievous cheekiness.  She says “I am fascinated by the usage of mixed media and collage. I like these mediums because of the outcome of combining several elements, creating various textures and color will evoke a thought or mood in the stories I tell in my art.”  Nike’s poems are filled with mystical imagery from the imagination of the author or with an edge of the current times.

You may also know me as  AKA — theladyo€© or ~musingsilence~∞

New line of my jewelry that has a vintage charm. Love the look of vintage jewelry.
New line of my jewelry that has a vintage charm. Love the look of vintage jewelry.





Updated Content is that some of my posts may be from an Affiliated Link.

Nike Bottalico{.}com AKA  www.NikeBottalico.com  may contain paid advertising banners or some content “affiliate links.” An affiliate link means that we may receive a small commission on sales of some of the products that are linked in our posts; it will be at no cost to you; we are rewarded for the introduction to the product after your purchase o the product.  Please contact us when you purchase something and let us know how you like it.  We are sure you will love it as you can rest assured that we will not post or blog about a product we do not believe in or have information on as being great!

Would you like to share our content??
If you would like to share our wonderful content, I invite you to do so! Here are the guidelines for sharing, you may use 1-2 images in their original format, with a direct link to the contents that gives full and clear credit is given to Objectsandoddities – Nike Bottalico along with the credited photographer (if listed), or the handmade artist I have shared on my Blog, and with appropriate and specific direction to the link to original content.  If you have a question, please before sharing, shoot me an email.

Need more information look here: http://paidforadvertising.co.uk/


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