Absolute Truth 07/01/2016

Absolute Truth 07/01/2016


For the times we live


Not unresolved

Bittersweet nectar

Need [ed] on the tongue

To hold back the

Unrepentant fury

The nightshade bile

Rises, hold back

Hold back,

Wanton, thought justifiable

Havoc held, quieted

Salted tears, unwept

Sated in the knowledge

that all wheels

truly turn, truly turn

At Karmic Perfection

~musingsilence ~©  The year of Thought 2016


ne bottalico



Controversy and Art….

Controversy and Art….

What makes you tick when you work… I have been listening to a lot of music of late… I know when I stir feelings, I will have a surge of electricity I need to create something deep.  I ask again, what makes you tick before you write, make art, use a flame of a torch to melt metal?

What pushes you forward, what feelings will strip you to your core to create your art, love, hate, controversy…WHAT?  What pushed major artists, hopelessness, hurt, I try to feel deeply what the human condition is, even the ugly, to feel the feelings and allow them to pass through my being, push them though, then the magic happens.


Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna



Work in Progress…. just a peek into what is happening


Those that know me and have known me, know that I pretty much am an empath… I love crystals, rocks, painting, collage art, music and poetry.  I have been known to write a little myself.  I am a creature who loves, and loves deeply.

I have heartaches, losses and regret, but most of all I have hope for the human condition.

I hope most of all.


Coming soon to my Etsy Site  will be some small art projects.  I do hope you will join me there.


with Love

and most of all Hope

~musingsilence ~∞ © The Year of Thought 2016
ne bottalico

Rihanna – We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris