Are Weddings on Your Mind?

Are Weddings on Your Mind?

Are Weddings on your Mind?

In Love?  Ready to tie the knot?  Are you running around with happiness and that glow?  Red shoes or Blue?

leah-brad-engagment pics-tiffany-campbell

Tiffany Campbell Photography

Austin, TX , Capital of the State of Texas.  

Engagement photos of my daughter, her sweetie and best friend. 

I have told you in my many musings that I live near Austin, TX,  and it is really amazing here. Plus, I have been so blessed with a really gorgeous (smart & talented) daughter and remarkable son in law who together, planned their wedding. (I have a son too, he will be featured later, not to leave him or his partner out, my pen will strike them also!).

I have weddings on my mind right now.  I know it is a hundred and five outside… all the spring flowers are wilting and take lots of love to keep them alive.  Some are doing well especially the Fragrant or Scented Geranium and the Passion Flower Vine (below).

Scented Geranium
Deep Purple Passion Vine


Nevertheless — if you have a Fall Wedding planned or a Winter Wedding, (even next Spring, dagnabbit) well, time’s a ticking! Plus, you know I make jewelry too… so I think about these things lol!  I am a very passionate person and enthralled with Weddings!



Above Coming soon to Etsy 

What kind of special day do you dream of?  Are you planning a Fall Wedding?  What colors are you choosing?  Do you have your dress?  What about your venue?  I have a lot of friends on Etsy and I do love to give them a shout out for their wonderful handmade art! My daughter and her spouse did a lot of shopping on Etsy for their special day.

Your wedding will be one of your happiest days in your life and your partner’s life!  Many find it really special to gather handcrafted items made for their weddings to be really extraordinary also.

All this talk about flowers… all my flowers from my yard I have shown you are really beautiful and bring me much peace and happiness.  I have a question though, have you ever thought about a permanent boutique?


Amnysti Cavazos, of Paperperfectpetals@etsy  makes wonderful items for a Bride and her maids (and all the peeps in the Wedding too)! These flowers are so very beautiful and wow she uses papers with writing, tulle, and gorgeous satin ribbons.  Amnysti believes in Romance and having the flowers for a wedding to be an inspiration for the Bride. She also wants to work with the Bride to build the perfect Wedding package, to best suit your wedding day needs (and wants)!

I fell in love with this bouquet for Fall but she will make you any color that matches your wedding colors!  Look at these colors, I am just like WOW!   What a great choice of colors for a Fall or Winter Wedding.

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet by Amnysti

Etsy (US)


This is a perfect combination of perfect combination paper rolled roses & kusudama (star) flower, tulle and wonderful satin ribbon. I just love it!

What could be next for your Wedding? Have you thought about what to put on your tables? Both of these shops I have featured in this blog,  give you options for your tables too.

Floating Acorn Beeswax candles @heartnectar by Michelle

Michelle Carter, also has wonderful items, splendid for anytime of year but especially for Fall Weddings and these acorns are a sure fit for you, have a look at the Acorn Candles perfect for your Wedding from heartnectar at Etsy.
Etsy (US)

What better way to have a Fall Wedding than showing off the Earth, with something rustic and oh so, delightful… could you just see them floating in water, shimmering on your tables, highlighting the smiles on your friends and family’s faces… Michelle  is nestled in the Appalachian Mountains and is an activist for our Earth… I adore her products and she not only has candles but her body products! You will have a winner having Michelle make you something for your wedding also!

Whatever you  and your partner choose for your wedding will be special! I will keep blogging with ideas and makers for you to see the wide range of artists you have to choose from!

Please keep coming back, I have many more ideas to blog about and will still keep talking about Weddings, Fashion and of course my flowers or my Koi!

love & hugs

nike ~ ❤

aka musingsilence





Lifestyle Blogging

Lifestyle Blogging

Hey Everyone — I have made a new commitment to regular blogging on my WordPress site as a Lifestyle Blog! I have some people to showcase in my mind and will be revisiting this with you this week!

I am really excited and have some people I am going to be interviewing that also use Etsy for their main shop as I am,  and have been selling on Etsy for a number of years.  I did not get super serious until the last couple of years.

Ohhh, I am really excited for this next phase of blogging!

Here we go~

Hello [again] my lovely readers, I have applied and not yet been accepted as an Affiliate blogger for Etsy Sellers.  I hope to be accepted , nevertheless, I am a blogger and have been for a number of years, even in the MySpace days!  Oh my goodness does that date me?  I don’t know, probably!  That is okay, I love to have fun, I love to poke fun at myself!  I am and old boho-hippie at heart and live in one of the coolest places in the United States, the Austin, Texas area!  Another ideal place for me to blog about is in South Padre Island.  I love the ocean and the breeze.20130922_181645

South Padre Island  

Did you know that there is a Turtle Sanctuary on South Padre?  Well there is, and if you go at a certain time of year you can see the hatchlings.  South Padre is one of my favorite vacation spots.  You will hear a lot about this luscious place to visit and how much I love to go here~  I am going to showcase a couple of people who are my friends, and whose work I love.  I have lots of love to spread around!  I am going to take you from West Texas, to Dallas, to San Antonio and all places in between!  I have traveled the state for business and been in a lot of nooks and crannies… I can tell you the best places for Barbecue and Mexican food and what you need from Etsy to fit in!

There is a super Etsy Seller by the name of Dan Safkow of Imakethecase, he makes Iphone bamboo cases out of Bamboo which are good for the environment; that is another whole blog!  I will get to that topic also as a lot of Etsy Sellers are so conscientious of the Earth and the environment.

Here is and Iphone case that has a beautiful a Turtle!   danSafkow-imakethecase-turtle He makes quality product and is a great guy who does a Blab on Monday’s where he talks about all things Etsy his Facebook page: Making it on Etsy and Beyond!

I hope you can feel my excitement on this journey and hope your come along and see all the handmade sellers that are just at your fingertips and how they will fit in with all you do and need!  Whether or not I become an affiliate of Etsy’s,  I am still going to share my friends who are Etsy Sellers and those that Sellers who highlight my style of art and aesthetic.  I love Etsy Handmade Sellers and how hard they work.  There is not enough information being written about them.  I was a Team Captain for the ATXEtsy Team for a while, we planned and even had a Christmas Sale in the city of Austin and our vendors were all Etsy Sellers in the Team.  Can I say again that I Love, Love, Love Etsy.  
You know you are in Texas when you see Bluebonnets in the Spring: 20150419_153317

Near the Blanco River

You will read a lot of me around town and in the Hill country.  I want to show you how having a handmade item will fit so perfectly in your life…

One of my really good friends — she has my back and I have hers.  We really support each other for growth of our small business.  My friend is Leila West (pronounced Layla ).  She is the brains and creative design talent of  Leila Nicole Designs at Etsy.  I have one of her necklaces that I fell hard in love with!  I bought it and just had to have it in my collection!

I love Leila Nicole’s Nature, Sea, or Ocean Pieces and her Trees of Life, I hope your visit her shop! This is a piece of hers I love and fits my Boho-Nature and I adore it!   nicoledesigns1

Well this is just a quick shout out on my blog, I will tell you more as we go!   My hat’s off to these two sellers and I love their work and their commitment to making Artisan made items for you!

lots of love



you can find me at Objectsandoddities over on Etsy!  love to see you there

Absolute Truth 07/01/2016

Absolute Truth 07/01/2016


For the times we live


Not unresolved

Bittersweet nectar

Need [ed] on the tongue

To hold back the

Unrepentant fury

The nightshade bile

Rises, hold back

Hold back,

Wanton, thought justifiable

Havoc held, quieted

Salted tears, unwept

Sated in the knowledge

that all wheels

truly turn, truly turn

At Karmic Perfection

~musingsilence ~©  The year of Thought 2016


ne bottalico



Controversy and Art….

Controversy and Art….

What makes you tick when you work… I have been listening to a lot of music of late… I know when I stir feelings, I will have a surge of electricity I need to create something deep.  I ask again, what makes you tick before you write, make art, use a flame of a torch to melt metal?

What pushes you forward, what feelings will strip you to your core to create your art, love, hate, controversy…WHAT?  What pushed major artists, hopelessness, hurt, I try to feel deeply what the human condition is, even the ugly, to feel the feelings and allow them to pass through my being, push them though, then the magic happens.


Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna



Work in Progress…. just a peek into what is happening


Those that know me and have known me, know that I pretty much am an empath… I love crystals, rocks, painting, collage art, music and poetry.  I have been known to write a little myself.  I am a creature who loves, and loves deeply.

I have heartaches, losses and regret, but most of all I have hope for the human condition.

I hope most of all.


Coming soon to my Etsy Site  will be some small art projects.  I do hope you will join me there.


with Love

and most of all Hope

~musingsilence ~∞ © The Year of Thought 2016
ne bottalico

Rihanna – We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris