Across the Mind

Across the Mind

People walk by
Strangers with strange things happening.
I see
colors out the windows, apparitions float by.
I see
children, who are they?
I hear
Steady low music plays a tune
that is scrabbled about in my brain cells.
Get the slide, look at it from the microscope.
I see
fibrous tissues cells, red and pinks
I hear
Shadow talk, what happens to the brain cells when they die.
O my
Do you run away, do you stay?
Where is my top hat?
I have lost it or is there a top hat?
I am afraid
Forgetting, knowing you are forgetting.
Do you go before you are gone?
The shadows press against my forehead.
I am afraid.
I am afraid
Of the Fade


Material is copyrighted to & by
nebottalico ©
Pen Names | AKA (also known as) also under copyright
~musingsilence ~∞ © LadyO©
In the year 2017 of conflict and wandering aimlessly ©

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