Is Christmas Near?

Is Christmas Near?


I thought it was just Fall — you know Autumn… Halloween is tomorrow!  Now I am hearing that we need to have all holiday items in our web-based  shops… eek!  Oh my goodness.  I have maybe two items made up!  I will need to get busy on this.  How are you doing, do you have Holiday items made up?


This is one —IMG_1727Christmas_Box_2


I need new and better photos!  Yikes and I need to build some new items for the Holiday Season!  I put together some new boxes and will be working on them starting today!






Happy Friday to you all!




I think I will make some Mary Altar Boxes too!


Have a Fantastic Weekend




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  1. Nike, this seasonal thing is something that could drive us all crazy! I think I am going to forget holidays! I never know what to do. I think I am just going to do my own thing and suggest they are great gift items, LOL

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