How Exciting!

How Exciting!

I have been accepted into the B’Sue Boutiques THE BUILD A LINE CHALLENGE ! I am excited and have been researching information like crazy. I want to give this my all. My research has gone from what was to what would be hot today!

Will I choose from these items? It was a wonderful gift I won from the Creative Group!

Or something like this?

Russian Gold Plated over Brass.  High Quality USA made filigree.  Choker Length, real pearls, Czech beads, Rhinestone Rondells, with matt Gold chain.  Large Russian Gold Plate Spring Clasp.

To something like this– hummm what do you think… it is anyone’s guess but the parts will pretty much all come from below B’Sue Boutiques!!



Build a Line Challenge with B'sue Boutiques
Build a Line Challenge with B’sue Boutiques

I will be participating in a Jewelry Build a Line From B’Sue Boutiques.  I will be posting in January 2015 what my work will be, scanning in my sketches and what I will be submitting for the challenge.  Currently I am sketching out ideas and playing with the supplies I have to work with. I will also determine what else I need to purchase for the challenge.  I have two emotions,  excitement and nervousness all at the same time!

I will be letting you know my thoughts and feelings about this as I go.  I cannot reveal exactly what I am designing until January 2015  but I will be letting you know how I am maturing while I go through this process!

Lots of love




B’Sues Boutique Pinterest Boards and New Website!

B’Sues Boutique Pinterest Boards and New Website!

Check out my friend B’Sue or Brenda’s Blog and her Jewelry Supply shop.  She is an angel and has awesome USA made products, not something you see everyday!  Have a look, you will be pretty pleased with the quality and wonderful customer service!

She also has a great You tube Channel to check out

Hello Spring or Hello Fall~

Hello Spring or Hello Fall~

I live in the Northern Hemisphere but with all the news of the Lost Plane in the Southern Hemisphere, I am certainty more aware!

Hello Spring and Hello Fall!

From Wiki!!!

On Earth the Southern Hemisphere contains all or parts of four continents (Antarctica, Australia, about 9/10 of South America and the southern third of Africa), four oceans (Indian, South Atlantic, Southern, and South Pacific) and most of Oceania. Several islands off the Asian continental mainland are also in the Southern Hemisphere. Due to the tilt of Earth’s rotation relative to the Sun and the ecliptic plane, summer is from December to March and winter is from June to September. September 22 or 23 is the vernal equinox and March 20 or 21 is the autumnal equinox.


Have a great day!Pink_Hello_spring_2

lots of peace & love


Extra Long Tassel Necklace, over 30 inches!

Extra Long Tassel Necklace, over 30 inches!

Extra Long Tassel Beaded Necklace, 30 inch chain and 4 inch drop Tassel. This is a really special necklace as it is jewel tones and is hand-wired and hand-wrapped by me! The Tassel falls like a waterfall from an Old Rose Copper Tulip Bead. This necklace is a statement piece and will go with anything in your closet! The necklace contains US made findings, and mixed metals, coppers, dark antique brass, gold tones and silver tones!

The necklace looks great with Black, White or any solid color. You can add other necklaces with it and it will look so hip! Depending on how tall you are, this hits me med-stomach (I am 5’4″). It is a great addition to any jewelry collection!

Very pretty and just right for anytime wear!