Etsy Site coming Soon!

Etsy Site coming Soon!

Note: I did not write on this blog for a long this and that is why the dates appear so random.


John William Godward artist

I am so excited that I am finally ready (almost) to open my Etsy Site. It is what I have dreamed about for a long time. I will be blogging soon about life and opening your own small business as I learn how to do this myself.
I have a blogging site on Blog Spot too. I am learning how to promote my business and the best way to talk about my crazy art, how I love to use junk in art and share my passion.

I love beads, wires, paper, glue, and see the beauty in things I want to make out of….
I will be showing how to make some of my collages, or paintings or jewelry. I think everyone has talent and a person just needs to find their medium.

First I need to find out if Word Press, Blogspot, or my ObjectsAndOddities Facebook page is the place. I hope readers will let me know the best spot for me!

Here are some earrings I made:

thanks for reading!