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Hello world!


Nike’s beliefs changed over time to broader sociological thoughts of human development, treatment of animals, to broader religious beliefs, development of persons in other cultures as the world appears to shrink.  All of these belief systems have impacted and cultivated Nike’s artistic talent. In life’s strange little way, these talents became an avenue that led Nike to her true gift; the ability to give back. Nike studied Social Work with a minor in Sociology throwing in a few art classes here and there at the university level.  For her life’s work Nike has worked helping others and has a unique story to tell about her life and work through her art and poems.

Nike designs jewelry by hand from antique beads, crystals, and medals and adds her modern twist, Nike also loves paper and paints.  Nike’s art is eclectic.  She says “that’s why I’m so fascinated by the usage of mixed media and collage. I like these mediums because of the outcome of combining several elements, creating various textures and color to evoke a thought, or poem with a mood in the stories I tell.”

Once you take that first look or feel, you may feel inundated with the essence of my work.  I work with assemblage, collage, mixed-media and works on paper. I use lots of found objects, drawings, print outs, usage of text of her own poems, drawing with graphite, or color pencil, painting with gouache, acrylic, pastel, etc.  My pieces deal with life itself, i.e., the people we are, what we create, our capabilities and the issues we deal with as humans. My premise is to lure the viewer in. Once they’re in, they will be placed in a position to reflect on and question their beliefs, be it disturbing or peaceful, quite or even deal with the silences of life.

What inspires me? Everything; I see art in everything….I love to read, watch movies and look at art books and magazines. I’m influenced by everything in my life, everything I’ve ever read, seen, experienced, or heard. All things, from artists such as Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Joseph Cornell, Dali, Picasso, pop culture, trends, fashion…   Usually an art piece or poem has a back story.  I imagine vignettes and histories for each piece or especially if I have a central idea for a continuum or a line of an idea to move forward.  This summer’s pieces are named |The Breathing of Iris | May 2012 (started in May 2012) which is a series or a line of pieces, I have daydreamed about and brought from my imagination to a realization.

You may even see my musings on a particular subject will build a collection of jewelry or collages and will shape the creation of the object.  Right now musing on Iris in all the forms an Iris has….. There will be a real element of stories in any piece.  Some of my collages will contain parts of a poem I have written or a story about a person.

nike e bottalico